Become a part of the ever-growing number of Rotarians who send thousands of young people each year to new and unusual places for the experience of a lifetime. Exposure to new cultures and ways of life can foster a better understanding between people from different lands. That understanding can be the foundation on which lasting peace and harmony can someday rest.

If you are new to the Rotary Youth Exchange program, the best way to learn how the program functions in your district is to contact your Youth Exchange district chairperson, as Rotary International strongly advises that clubs and districts work closely together when arranging exchanges. If you are already a Youth Exchange Officer (YEO) at the club or district
level, you know firsthand how fulfilling this program can be. You will find this site contains timely information about Youth Exchange as well as free publication downloads.


If you are a newly appointed club Youth Exchange Committee chairperson, it is your responsibility to serve as a liaison between your host or sponsored student and the district committee.

If you would like more detailed information about your responsibilities, download the Youth Exchange Handbook.

You should also visit the Downloads section for more information.

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